Tiny Tots Play Area (1-4 years)


Our tiny tots area is located in clear view from the cafe and is specially designed for little ones aged under 4. With padded floors and walls for extra safety, this area includes 3 slides, climbing frame, and many toddler toys. All toys are sanitised every afternoon (morning and afternoon when busy) using a special sanitiser that kills germs and then dries instantly, so it is safe for a toddler to put the toy straight in their mouth. Floors are mopped with disinfectant each day. Climbing frames, rockers, toddler cars and bigger items that dont go in mouths like the kitchen and workbench are sprayed with disinfected and wiped over each day. Ball pit is emptied weekly and the balls and floor are cleaned with disinfectant. The walls are sprayed and wiped over with disinfectant twice per week. See the photo gallery for photos of our Toddler Area. 


Big Kids Play Area (5-12 years)


The big kids area is made up of a giant obstacle course which keeps kids amused for hours. Full of Fun is the indoor alternative to running through the park and climbing trees. What you will notice is different about Full of Fun is the thought that went into the design of our big kids obstacle course. The course has long stretches for running and crawling, with climbing and agility activities in between. It also goes all the way around the building, giving parents a 360 degree view of the course so you can always see your children. This is all a deliberate part of the construction. The layout of the course encourages imaginative, social and interactive play and that's why kids can spend all day playing here and never get bored. There are no electronic games at Full of Fun. 


The obstacle course is a custom built steel frame construction 8 to 10 feet above the ground. The course includes a high balance beam, 2 rope climbs, punching bags, 2 tunnels, 2 swing ropes, 5 swivel cars and 3 slides. The course has padded flooring and walls. Parents have a 360 degree view of the course from the cafe area so you can always see and find your child/ren. The obstacle course is cleaned daily. All rollers, punching bags etc are sprayed with disinfectant and wiped over and the floor is mopped with disinfectant. The big ball pit is completely emptied and the balls and floor are disinfected once a month. This ball pit is so huge that the balls fill 20 giant fishing nets that are 2.5m high by 1.5m wide (or 96 x 80L garbage bags) and it takes 32 man hours to empty the pit, clean the balls and put them back. As this is such a big job the ball pit is closed one Sunday out of every month. See the photo gallery for photos of the Obstacle Course. 


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