Frequently Asked Questions about Birthday Parties


How far in advance do I need to book?

Parties are commonly booked anywhere from 1 to 8 weeks in advance. We are usually fully booked about a week before. If you are booking 2 weeks out you will usually get a spot on your preferred day. With less than 2 weeks to go it depends how popular the date you want is, we will fit you in if we can. There is no limit to how far in advance you can book and the earlier you book the more choices of room and timeslot you will have. 


Do I need to bring anything?

No. If you are supplying your own cake and/or lolly bags, then bring those with you on the day. You dont need to bring forks, plates, napkins or anything else.


Do I need to bring candles?

We provide small spiral candles at no charge. If you want something fancier you can bring your own candles.


Can I bring a special cake knife?

For obvious reasons it is hazardous to have knives in the common areas and party rooms. We provide childsafe knives for cutting the cake. 


Do you charge a cake holding fee?


This question is becoming more common. We do not charge you any sort of fee to bring in your own birthday cake. Whether you buy it from us, buy it somewhere else, or make it yourself is entirely up to you. 


Do you charge adults without children to attend the party?

Adults always enter free. Whether with a child or not, whether here for a party or not, we never charge for adult entry. (We will question why an adult not accompanied by a child is wanting to enter to ensure they are here for a legitimate reason.)


What colours will my room be set up in?

Your tablecloths, plates and cups will either be boy colours or girl colours depending on the gender of the birthday child. "Girl colours" means pink with purple, teal or yellow. "Boy colours" means a combination of any two of blue, green or yellow. For girl and boy siblings or twins we will do half pink and half blue. We also have other colours so if you have a particular preference please discuss it when booking. 


I'm providing my own table cloths, how big are your tables?

The party tables are 1800mm long by 900mm wide.

You will find that most themed table cloths are too short, we will put a matching solid colour underneath to hide the ends of the table. 


Can we arrive early?

You are welcome to arrive early, however we cannot guarantee your room will be ready until your party start time. If you arrive early and your room is not yet ready we will ask you to take a seat in the cafe area and we will send you through as soon as the room is setup. Of course the children are welcome to play as soon as you arrive.


Can we stay longer than our booked party time?

You can sit in the cafe area and the children can continue playing for as long as you like but we need your party room back at the end of the 2 hours to clean and reset it for the next party. 


How many children do most people invite?

There is no real answer to this.

A "normal" party is between 8 and 40 children. More than 30 is considered a big party but is still not unusual, we do them every weekend. It's entirely your decision, there is no set expectation. 


When do I need to confirm numbers?

You can change your numbers any time, however we will require exact numbers no less than 2 days prior.

If we do not hear from you we will set up and cater for the number you gave at the time of booking. 


When do I need to order adult platters?

To ensure you get exactly what you want it is best to order at latest by the Tuesday before your party.

If you order between Tuesday and the weekend we can usually provide whatever you would like, but it may depend on ordering days, stock and availability. You can not order a platter on the day of your party. 


Can I bring in my own tableware and decorations on the day?

You are allowed to supply your own themed party products or tableware, but it must be brought in at least the day before your party, if not earlier.

The reason our parties are so popular is because we are highly organised and we do that by ensuring staff operate on a strict schedule. Your party will be planned out the day before, so it really is crucial that we have everything we need for your party by the day before. 


Why can't I bring in my own food?

The truth is, food sales, both from adult platters and through the cafe are a large part of our business; and we appreciate your understanding with this. 


How much food do you put out for the kids?

The short answer is; too much.

We have to put out too much food, otherwise it doesn't look like enough, even though the kids never eat it all. The exact number of each item depends on the age and gender of the birthday child and the time of day your food will be served. If they ever eat it all (in 1000 parties it hasn't happened but if it does), we will put out more and continue bringing it out until they have finished eating and left the table. 


Do you offer table parties?

We do not offer the option of a table party because our cafe is not big enough to accomodate it. If you have too few children to meet the minimum spend of a party on the weekend (approximately 5 or less children), you can reserve a table in the cafe and you can purchase an ice cream cake from us. Normal admission prices apply and food is available for purchase from the cafe.


Do I have to bring a guest list?

Yes. It is essential that we have a list of the children attending the party. If there are some children you are not sure about, please include them on the list so that if they do turn up we know that they are invited and that you have agreed to pay for them to attend your party.


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