Party Schedule

Parents often worry about the schedule and fitting everything in. Here is a run down of a party at Full of Fun. 

Your party will run for 2 hours.

When you arrive your party room will be ready; set up with coloured table cloths, coloured plates, coloured cups, filtered water, cordial, serviettes, tongs and balloons (if ordered). There will be a separate present/drinks table.

When you arrive we will ask you for your guest list which we will keep at the front counter and mark off your guests as they arrive. If you have brought your own cake, we will take it and keep it either on a counter or in the fridge (depending on the type of icing) in our designated cakes area. If you have brought your own lolly bags you can choose to give them to us and we will give them back to you after the cake, or you can keep them with you in your party room. 

Your guests will continue to arrive for the first 15-20 minutes. 

30 minutes after your starting time, the children's food will be brought out and we will call the children over the PA to return to the party room. Most children eat some foods and not others so it is easiest if you allow them to help themselves if they are old enough. If you have ordered platters for the adults these will be brought out shortly after the children's food. We supply plenty of food and the children never eat it all, however, if they ever do need more food, we will keep bringing it until they have finished eating and returned to play. 

Once the children have returned to playing we will clear and clean the tables and chairs and reset the tables ready for the cake. We will leave one platter of leftover food on the table in case anyone is still hungry.

30 minutes before your party finishes, one hour after food, we will prepare the cake on a platter with candles (we use our candles unless you bring special ones), call the children to the table, bring the cake out lit, place it in front of the birthday child and start the children singing "Happy Birthday". We provide a soft-touch knife and cake server. Most people like to serve the cake themselves, however we can do it for you if you prefer. 

Once everyone has finished eating the cake we clear and clean the tables and chairs. We will leave the cups, water and cordial and any remaining food until the end of your party. Once the cake is finished with we will re-wrap it and return it to the table ready for you to take home. 

If we are holding your lolly bags, we will bring them out after the cake and leave them on the table ready for you to hand out as your guests leave. 

We usually require you to vacate the party room within 15 minutes of the end of your party so that the room can be cleaned and set for the next party. You and your guests are welcome to move into the cafe area and continue playing for as long as you like. 

At the end of your party we will calculate the total cost based on the number of children who actually attended and consult you on total cost of your party.

If you would like to change anything about the schedule please discuss this with us at the time of booking, and we will accomodate where ever possible. 


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